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Top Fashion Brands 1The BrandKeys annual survey of 7,500 respondents, 50:50 Men/Women, aged 21 to 65, reveal that Favorite Sports Team is the world’s topmost fashion brand. Ralph Lauren/Polo moved from last year’s #1 spot among women to #6 this year just behind Chanel , Armani, Favorite Sports Team, YSL and Burberry, but only 1 spot down on the men’s list, from #3 to #4, with Favorite Sports Team, Nike, and Armani in the first, second, and third spots respectively. BrandKeys top 15 are the top-15 fashion brands ranked on the basis of the number of unaided brand mentions (%) received from consumers.

Brand Name

Number Of Unaided Brand Mentions (%) Received From Consumers

  1. 1.      Favorite Sports Team


  1. 2.      Armani


  1. 3.      Nike


  1. 4.      Ralph Lauren/Polo


  1. 5.      Burberry


  1. 6.      J. Crew


  1. 7.      Calvin Klein


  1. 8.      Chanel


  1. 9.      Banana Republic/YSL


  1. 10.  Levi’s


  1. 11.  Hilfiger


  1. 12.  Coach COH


  1. 13.  Tom Ford/Dior


  1. 14.  Banana Republic/Victoria’s Secret/GAP


  1. 15.  Brooks Brothers/Tory Burch /Kate Spade


The increasing importance of fashion brands generally, indicates that value – or more specifically, the perception of value-via-brand – is of much greater import to consumers, and ultimately, to the success of fashion brands. So it’s not surprising that consumers are looking to the brands – and the emotional engagement brands can create – to make a difference, to meet their expectations, and to delight. In the context of fashion, value isn’t just what consumers want their money to purchase, it’s how fashion fits consumers’ lifestyle, self-perception, and expectations, and how well the brand actually engages. While the fashion brands above emerged tops in terms of popularity and top-of-mind awareness, the following brands, according to the respected brand value site, Interbrand, has proven to be the most valuable. In the recently released list of top 100 most valuable brands, Louis Vuitton remains the most valuable fashion brand with a value of $24.9 billion, making the #17 position on the list. Louis Vuitton also has the distinction of being the first fashion brand to make the list, while increasing its value over the previous year by 6%. Of course, when it comes to how other fashion brands ranked, H&M falls in at #21, Nike at #24, and Zara at #36. The next valuable luxury label is Gucci, coming in at #38.

Fashion Brand Name

Position On Interbrand List Of 100

Value ($Billion)

% Change In Value(+/-)

  1. 1.      Louis Vuitton




  1. 2.      H&M




  1. 3.      Nike




  1. 4.      Zara




  1. 5.      Gucci




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