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Brandpowerlogo1BRANDPOWER is the magazine that serves as an authentic platform for ventilating ideas, views, news and perspectives of professionals in all fields and leaders in the brand management industry on:

1. Various professional industries
2. Brand-critical issues
3. Topical national issues
4. Topical international events & developments

• To raise the bar in brand discourse and deliver a platform that will make brands better and consumers happier

• To elevate brands’ development and brand management practice in Nigeria to world-best standards
• Established and aspiring Professionals in all fields
• Advertising practitioners
• PR practitioners
• Marketing practitioners
• Political leadership at national and state levels
• The business elite, especially those in active management positions

• BrandPower magazine is about reporting, analyzing, supporting and creating brands. It is a specialized magazine. Its being specialized is however limited to how it treats issues, news, views and events and not just the marketing and brand-management industry.
• The BrandPower house style is meant to treat all issues that affect economic and social life through the lenses or perspective of brand management. It is the fervent belief of BRANDPOWER publishers that Nigeria will be a much better place if managers and leaders in the political and socio-economic sphere look at life and its various issues through the brand management perspective. We have this conviction based on the fact that some non-essential products have been so well managed brand-wise that we now consider them as essential due to the towering presence of their brand personalities.
• America and Britain which have been masters in Nation branding have since realized this and made it a way of life for leaders and citizens alike.

• However a Nation brand can only be great when it has a good mix of great brands from personality icons to various types of consumer brands. Products, especially extractive products, can make a country rich but may not make them great. The proceeds of the God given products ought to be used to build structures for the establishment and growth of brands. The Dubai example is instructive here.

• Brand Nigeria, we believe has tremendous potential to attain greatness. We have an array of great icons wallowing in near obscurity or under-appreciated. BRANDPOWER seeks to discover and shine the light on these leading lights of Brand Nigeria’s pending greatness while encouraging, fledgling ones to burst forth

• 1. Cover Story
• 2. Brandorama
• 3. Bargain Centre
• 4. Brand Experience (Compelling positive or negative encounter with a brand)
• 5. Hard Nuts…. 10 Questions You Might Rather not Answer
• 6. BrandParison: A critique/comparison of competing brands
• 7. AutoSphere: All You Need to Know About That Auto Brand
• 8. Brand Clinic: A column where readers write about their brand problems and receive ‘treatment’ via solutions by a veteran brand consultant
• 9. Seen Her Lately? Stories about dead or dying brands
• 10. Brand Lens : A Critique of Major Brands
• 12. Brand Tales
• 13. News
14. Industry Gist
• 15. Columns:
• A. TESTICLES (bold, outspoken and daring write-ups on any issue)
• B. SPORTOGRAPH ( A critical review of Sports development in Nigeria and globally)
• C. IF I WERE… A cheeky riposte on brand personalities
• D. DISCOURSE WITH ZZK (A no-holds barred column by Zik Zulu Okafor)
• E. NNANKE’s TAKE (the publisher’s personal opinion on brand-related and general issues
• F. This is YOUR LIFE! –A look at a special personality for the month.
• G. LAST BUS STOP: A Satire on very serious topical/ interesting issues
• I. PIECE OF MIND: A fiery columnist’s take on trending topical issues
• J. TOUCHPOINT: An embedded online blog that take on all news and all views
• K. CONSUMER COURT: An online platform for reporting, addressing and resolving consumer and brand conflicts and issues

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• For The Industry: At last, a powerful medium to engage, influence and lead society
• For Advertisers: A sure medium for reaching the business and political elite and those who aspire to be there
• For Readers: A dependable source of reportage, brand information and informed opinions by experts and players in the brand management spectrum as well as political leadership

• Nnanke Harry Willie, thorough-bred advertising/media practitioner and top-notch brand-management consultant spanning about 3 decades. Full Member, Advertising Practitioners’ Council of Nigeria (APCON) and Member. Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE)

• Ray Echebiri, Author, Veteran  Business Editor, Founder & CEO of Centre for Financial Journalism

• Zik Zulu Okafor
• Award-winning journalist of almost 30years, writer and respected film maker
• Comes with a rich background in print and television journalism

• Nnanke Harry Willie
• Zik Zulu Okafor

• Godwin Dudu-Orumen

• Buchi Njere

• Give us access to your duly considered opinions, write-ups and ideas on brands, unfolding industry, national and international developments as well as issues pertinent to our collective business and national well-being

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