Pastor Enenche and the Law Graduate: To Humiliate is Mean

Critics of Pastor Enenche's actions argue that such public displays of humiliation are antithetical to the teachings of compassion and empathy espoused by Christianity.

Pastor Enenche and the Law Graduate: To Humiliate is Mean

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Pastor enenche and the law graduate: to humiliate is mean

By Nnanke Harry Willie

Pastor Paul Enenche is trending on social media. Unfortunately, he is not trending for some great pastoral feat but for a riveting take-down of one of his own congregants, Ms Vera Anyi, who came to testify about the ‘goodness of the lord in her life’ and give glory to God for finally becoming a law graduate.


The incident which took place at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has sparked widespread condemnation, and raised pertinent questions about the ethics and etiquette of public conduct, especially in religious settings.

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The Dunamis Church video which has gone viral and sparked reactions from many Nigerians shows Anyim on the altar sharing a testimony of how she graduated from National Open University of Nigeria where she studied law and how God made her the only graduate in her family.

However, the cleric became suspicious of her testimony due to what he later said was her poor command of English and proceeded to question her further in a rather brusque manner.


Pastor enenche and the law graduate: to humiliate is mean
Law graduate, vera anyim

When asked about the degree she graduated with, the lady responded, “Law.” Enenche then inquired about the specific type of Law degree, to which she replied, “B.Sc in Law.” Unsatisfied with her response, the cleric asked the lady to leave the altar and warned his congregation against lying about testimonies. Thus labelling Anyim a liar before all the Dunamis congregants and the world.


The crux of the matter lies in the manner in which Pastor Enenche publicly interrogated and admonished the genuine law graduate for supposedly being unable to speak English befitting of a lawyer and for being unable to (as far as he was concerned) say the type of degree she was awarded as a law graduate. This public rebuke and ridicule, which was captured on video and circulated widely on social media, depicted a distressing scene of utter humiliation and shame.


One can only imagine the psychological and emotional tumult the poor lady would have gone through after such a horrible experience in the hands of her own beloved pastor.


While, it is Pastor Enenche’s right to have reservations about Vera Anyim’s claim, he owes her a duty of care and decorum to be circumspect in the manner he brings it up, even if he turned out to be right. Unfortunately, he has been proven to be wrong! Vera Anyim is indeed a law graduate! Also, yes, her degree is an LLB. But quite contrary to what Pastor Enenche thinks, many universities offer B.Sc Law degrees. Anyim graduated from National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN on 13th April and She is number 2262 on the comprehensive graduation list. Her matriculation number is NOU133971176.


Pastor Enenche, unfortunately, has equated the ability to speak like an orator to being a lawyer or perhaps even being educated. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Vera Anyim spoke good enough English for a Nigerian, and we all share her joy in overcoming all odds to become a lawyer. Interestingly, she is also a Police officer and one can only imagine that her learned colleagues in the Police Force could be nudging her to seek legal redress to clear her name.


Meanwhile, it is pertinent to wonder why Pastor Enenche’s Dunamis Church does not pre-verify testimonies before members are invited on stage to share them. that is a much simpler and credible approach than the avoidable hoopla this unfortanate incident has created.


However, at this point, it is crucial to acknowledge the power dynamics at play in such a scenario. Pastors, particularly those with significant followings like Pastor Enenche, wield immense influence over their congregations. This influence comes with a responsibility to wield it with care and compassion, not to belittle or shame individuals publicly.


Furthermore, the incident raises questions about the boundaries of pastoral authority. While it is understandable for religious leaders to guide and counsel their congregants, there is a fine line between constructive criticism and outright humiliation. In this case, Pastor Enenche’s actions appear to have crossed that line, leaving the individual in question feeling embarrassed and devalued.


Moreover, the public nature of the humiliation compounds its impact. In a digital age where videos can go viral within minutes, the consequences of such actions could be far-reaching and enduring. The individual in question now faces the prospect of being forever associated with this moment of public embarrassment, potentially impacting their personal and professional life.


Critics of Pastor Enenche’s actions argue that such public displays of humiliation are antithetical to the teachings of compassion and empathy espoused by Christianity. Instead of offering support and guidance in a private and respectful manner, the pastor chose to publicly shame the individual, disregarding her dignity and well-being.


It is also worth considering the broader implications of this incident for the relationship between religious institutions and society at large. Incidents like these reinforce negative perceptions of religious leaders as authoritarian figures who wield their power arbitrarily. Such perceptions can erode trust in religious institutions and deter individuals from seeking spiritual guidance when they need it most.


Pastor Enenche’s public humiliation of Vera Anyim, the law graduate,is not just an isolated incident but a symptom of a broader issue within religious communities. It highlights the need for greater accountability and sensitivity among religious leaders, as well as a deeper understanding of the ethical responsibilities that come with their position of authority. Ultimately, to humiliate another human being, especially in the name of religion, is not just mean, it is a betrayal of the very values that religion seeks to uphold: love, compassion, and respect for all.


Needless to say, Pastor Paul Eneche owes Ms. Vera Anyim an apology…a very public apology. It must also go viral!