Trump 2024: Will Lightning Strike Twice at the Polls?

Will he reignite the Trump magic and once again defy all odds, including a barrage of legal hurdles to beat Joe Biden and become President again? Can lightning strike twice for Trump at the White House?

Trump 2024, Will Lightning Strike Twice, at the polls?
Donald Trump

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Trump 2024, will lightning strike twice, at the polls?
Donald trump

By Nnanke Harry Willie

Donald J. Trump is no doubt an enigma who keeps delivering on his parity-breaking electrifying personality. His intriguing life is simply the stuff of blockbuster movie scripts. Unconventional, uncontrollable, and unfazed, Donald Trump is a go-getter personified.


Donald Trump takes no prisoners when he duels and when he sets his sights on a goal, he pushes on with the energy, zeal, and determination of a raging Bull that is blind to any obstacles, blind to every impediment.


It was with this set of attitudes and attributes that Donald Trump burst into the dizzying firmament of the Presidential race of the United States of America in 2016.  Trump defied all odds to beat all top Republican Party contenders and moved on to clinch the Presidential trophy after trouncing the highly-rated Hillary Clinton.

Trump seems to enjoy clear an easy path to victory in Nevada

Against his own expectations and the expectations of 74,222,958 voters, or 46.8 percent of the total number of 2020 voters, Trump lost to President Joe Biden in 2020. Biden polled an impressive 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast, as well as the electoral College votes to knock Trump off the coveted Presidential seat.


In what appears to be a rematch in the making, Donald Trump seems all but set to clinch the Republican Presidential ticket yet again. If he does, will he reignite the Trump magic and once again defy all odds, including a barrage of legal hurdles to beat Joe Biden and become President again? Can lightning strike twice for Trump at the White House?


A brief review…  

In the realm of American politics, the phenomenon that is Donald Trump seems to defy conventional wisdom. As the nation braces itself for the 2024 presidential election, the question on many minds is whether lightning can strike twice for the former president, who first shocked the world with his surprise victory in 2016.


Donald Trump’s political career has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his days as a real estate tycoon and reality television star, he transitioned seamlessly into the world of politics, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape. His unorthodox style, unfiltered rhetoric, and populist appeal resonated with a substantial portion of the American electorate, propelling him to the highest office in the land.

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The 2016 election was characterized by a series of unprecedented events, from the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton to the unexpected surge in Trump’s support base across key battleground states. His promises of economic revitalization, immigration reform, and an “America First” agenda struck a chord with many disenchanted voters who felt left behind by the establishment.


Now, in 2024, Trump is once again eyeing the White House. The question is whether the lightning that struck four years prior can illuminate his path to victory once more. Political analysts and pundits have been grappling with the unpredictability that has become synonymous with Trump’s political career.


One factor that cannot be ignored is the enduring loyalty of Trump’s base. The fervent support he continues to enjoy from a significant portion of the electorate suggests a deep and lasting connection that transcends traditional party lines. His ability to tap into the grievances of the working class and his unapologetic America-centric rhetoric have cemented his status as a transformative figure in American politics.


However, Trump’s path to a second term is not without obstacles. The political landscape has evolved since his first triumph, with new challenges and dynamics at play. The nation has weathered a global pandemic, economic uncertainties, and social upheaval, all of which will undoubtedly shape the narrative of the 2024 election.


Furthermore, Trump’s polarizing style has led to a deeply divided electorate. While his base remains staunchly loyal, there are also many who vehemently oppose him. Bridging this divide will be a formidable task for any candidate seeking to lead a nation grappling with identity politics, economic disparities, and the ever-present specter of misinformation.


The role of the media in shaping public opinion cannot be underestimated either. The landscape of journalism has transformed significantly since 2016, with the rise of social media as a powerful force in disseminating information. Navigating this new media landscape will be crucial for any candidate, including Trump, as they seek to control the narrative and sway public opinion.


In conclusion, the question of whether lightning can strike twice for Donald Trump in 2024 remains open. His unique brand of politics and the enduring loyalty of his base make him a formidable contender, but the challenges of a changed political landscape, a divided electorate, and evolving media dynamics add layers of complexity to the equation. As the political stage is set for another dramatic showdown, only time will tell whether Trump’s return to the spotlight will be a reprise of his earlier triumph or the beginning of a new political thunderstorm.



Issues that will shape the voting decisions…

Let’s delve into the key issues that stand to impact the 2024 US presidential election, influencing voter sentiments, candidate strategies, and the future course of American governance.


Global Pandemic Recovery:

The ghost of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to haunt the nation, and the recovery process will be a defining issue in 2024. Voters will scrutinize candidates’ plans for public health, economic revitalization, and strategies to prevent and manage future pandemics. The handling of vaccine distribution, public health infrastructure, and international cooperation will be closely monitored.


Economic Resilience and Inequality:

The economic fallout from the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated existing disparities within American society. The 2024 election will likely pivot on candidates’ proposals for economic recovery, job creation, and the narrowing of income inequality. Voters will assess policies addressing labor markets, social safety nets, and the resilience of the economy in the face of future challenges.


Climate Change and Environmental Policies:

With an increasing awareness of the climate crisis, environmental issues are poised to take center stage in the 2024 election. Voters are eager to hear comprehensive plans on climate change mitigation, renewable energy, and conservation efforts. How candidates address the delicate balance between economic interests and environmental sustainability will play a pivotal role in securing voter support.


Racial and Social Justice:

The aftermath of high-profile cases of racial injustice and the rise of social justice movements have heightened awareness of systemic issues in the United States. Candidates will be under scrutiny for their positions on criminal justice reform, police accountability, and broader initiatives aimed at addressing racial and social inequalities.


Foreign Policy and National Security:

In an interconnected world, international relations and national security remain critical concerns. The 2024 election will see voters evaluating candidates’ stances on global alliances, diplomatic approaches, and responses to emerging geopolitical challenges. Issues such as cyber threats, terrorism, and the role of the United States in global affairs will shape the discourse.


Healthcare Reform:

The ongoing debate over healthcare reform will continue to be a key issue in 2024. Voters are likely to scrutinize candidates’ plans for expanding or refining the healthcare system, addressing the affordability of healthcare, and ensuring access for all Americans. The pandemic has underscored the importance of a robust and adaptable healthcare infrastructure.


Technology and Cybersecurity:

As technology continues to advance, so do the challenges associated with cybersecurity and digital privacy. Candidates will need to articulate comprehensive plans for safeguarding the nation against cyber threats, ensuring the responsible use of emerging technologies, and protecting individual privacy in the digital age.


Education and Workforce Development:

The evolving landscape of work and education, accelerated by the pandemic, will be a focal point in the 2024 election. Voters will seek candidates’ perspectives on education reform, workforce training programs, and policies that address the changing nature of employment in an increasingly automated and globalized world.


US Support for Ukraine:

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought foreign policy to the forefront of the electoral discourse, underscoring the global implications of this election


Future of Democracy:

The 2024 election is expected to see continued emphasis on the future of democracy and the rule of law within the US, reflecting the aftermath of the 2020 election and the events of January 6, 2021



Reproductive rights and the future of abortion policy are likely to be hotly debated, with both Democrats and Republicans expected to make this a central issue in their campaigns



The ongoing struggles over immigration policy and the parties’ divergent approaches to this issue are projected to be significant factors in the election


Israeli war against Hamas:

The all-powerful Jewish lobby sway a lot of things in America and West. the actions of President Biden on the ongoing war against Hamas on the Gaza strip, and promises of future friendly policies is his only hedge against an all-our support for Donald Trump by the group. Trump was an unapologetic supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard stance on the middle East crisis while he was President.



In the crucible of the 2024 US presidential election, these key issues will shape the national conversation and influence the decision-making process of voters across the country. As candidates articulate their visions for the future, it is the intersection of these challenges that will define the road ahead for the United States, making this election a pivotal moment in the nation’s history.