Air Peace Passenger’s Experience: Alleges seats resold before check-In in Owerri + Video

“I have had many unsavoury incidents flying Air Peace locally, but this was by far my worst experience..."

Air Peace. Passenger's Experience, Alleges seats resold before check-In, Owerri, Video, Ralph Okoroha

Air peace passenger's experience: alleges seats resold before check-in in owerri + videoAn Air Peace Passenger, Mr. Ralph Okoroha, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and a partner in an audit firm has shared his bitter experience in the hands of Air Peace operatives at the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport in Owerri whose actions denied him and his wife as well as a visiting cousin from the United States from checking in and boarding a Lagos-bound plane.

Okoroha said they all arrived at Owerri airport well before the counter was closed on Sunday, April 7, 2024 for the scheduled flight of 12.20pm brimming with anticipation for their journey with Air Peace. However, his excitement quickly turned into frustration as the most unexpected turn of events began to unfold.

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Okoroha said after dutifully joining the queue, to his shock the staff the airline suddenly stopped attending to them and announced that the plane was already full. He found this even more shocking as there were about 20 passengers behind him at that time. “So how did the plane get full with so many passengers bearing tickets for the flight that were still on the queue” he wondered.


Okoroha noted that with this alarming incident of airline mismanagement, many passengers flying with Air Peace from Owerri found themselves in a perplexing situation as their reserved seats were allegedly sold off before the scheduled check-in.

He lamented that this ordeal sheds light on the challenges faced by travellers and raises concerns regarding airline practices and passenger rights, especially in local aviation circles. He lamented that “I have had many unsavoury incidents flying Air Peace locally, but this was by far my worst experience as I had to hire an airport taxi to take me, my wife and cousin to Asaba after we eventually witnessed the plane taking off without us. We then continued our journey the next day and finally arrived in Lagos at about 12noon, almost 24 hours after we should have been in Lagos!”


Ralph Okoroha posits that there are elements in Air Peace that are working hard to make undue profit to the detriment of loyal customers. These activities, he says are negatively impacting the good name that the Chairman of Air Peace, Dr. Allen Onyema, is working assiduously to build and project.


Video of the Owerri incident

BRANDPOWER reports that videos of the Owerri incident went viral on Sunday but the management of Air Peace has released a statement on its X (formerly known as Twitter) denying the veracity of the claims on the video. The statement rather blamed the passengers for arriving late for check-in procedures and advised passengers to always arrive the airports early enough for check-ins.


This unfortunate incident is not an isolated case. Instances of airlines overbooking flights or reselling reserved seats have become increasingly common, leaving passengers stranded or inconvenienced at the last minute. Such practices not only tarnish the reputation of airlines but also undermine passenger trust and confidence in the aviation industry.


However, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for airlines to prioritize customer satisfaction and adhere to transparent and accountable practices. Passengers invest time, money, and trust when booking their flights, and it is imperative that airlines uphold their end of the bargain by respecting reservations and ensuring a smooth travel experience.