2024, Nigeria Greatness Project: Why the NGX is Pivotal

2024, nigeria greatness project: why the ngx is pivotal

2024, nigeria greatness project: why the ngx is pivotalIn the face of formidable economic challenges, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) is super challenged to stand resilient and stay poised to play a pivotal role in steering Nigeria towards greatness in 2024.

Despite the headwinds that have swept across global markets, and the daunting economic conditions in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Affrica, the NGX remains a beacon of hope and a key driver of economic growth in the nation.

Nigeria, like many countries, has faced its share of economic uncertainties in recent years. The global COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with fluctuating oil prices, has placed immense pressure on the country’s economy. It is probably facing its stiffest moments yet with the floating of the Naira, removal of fuel subsidies and the resultant shutdown of some top-flight global businesses.

However, the NGX Group is positioned as a vital instrument in mitigating the impact of these challenges, fostering a pathway to economic prosperity.

The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) emerges as a linchpin in Nigeria’s economic narrative, poised to champion the nation’s greatness in 2024.

Ngx group appoints temi popoola as gmd/ceo
Temi popoola – ngx group managing director/chief executive officer (gmd/ceo)

The NGX has played a critical role in mobilizing capital for Nigerian businesses, both large and small. By providing a platform for companies to raise funds through initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary market activities, the exchange has facilitated the expansion and modernization of various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

NGX continues to blaze the trail in results of half-year review of market indices

With a historical trajectory marked by adaptability, resilience, and strategic evolution, the NGX is set to play a pivotal role in propelling Nigeria towards sustained economic growth. This assessment is grounded in a comprehensive analysis of historical data, recent trends, and the exchange’s strategic initiatives.

Historical Foundations:

Founded in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange, NGX has undergone significant transformations over the decades, evolving into a sophisticated platform for capital mobilization and investment. This historical continuity underscores NGX’s ability to navigate economic shifts and regulatory changes, showcasing a robust institutional framework that forms the bedrock of its current standing.


Capital Mobilization and Economic Expansion:

One of NGX’s primary functions is to serve as a conduit for capital mobilization, enabling businesses to expand operations and contribute to economic growth. Historical data reveals a consistent uptrend in capital raised through the exchange, with 2023 witnessing record-breaking figures. This trend positions NGX as a critical facilitator in Nigeria’s pursuit of economic diversification and expansion.

In 2023, the NGX witnessed a surge in IPO activity, with numerous companies choosing to go public to access the capital needed for expansion and innovation. This trend not only boosts the companies’ growth prospects but also injects vitality into the broader economy.

2024, nigeria greatness project: why the ngx is pivotal

Embracing Technology for Efficiency

A key driver of NGX’s success is its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. The launch of the NGX Trading Engine in 2022 marked a significant milestone, ushering in a new era of speed, efficiency, and reliability. The trading engine has not only reduced transaction times but has also enhanced the overall market experience for investors.

Moreover, the NGX’s adoption of blockchain technology for trade settlements has increased transparency and trust among market participants. This has attracted both domestic and international investors, reinforcing Nigeria’s position as an attractive destination for capital.


Sustainability and Corporate Governance

Recognizing the global shift towards sustainable business practices, the NGX has championed initiatives that promote environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. The exchange has implemented stringent listing requirements related to sustainability, encouraging companies to adopt responsible business practices.


Furthermore, the NGX has been instrumental in enhancing corporate governance standards among listed companies. By fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, the exchange has instilled investor confidence and positioned Nigeria as a responsible and ethical investment destination.


Stock Market Performance

In the first half of 2023, the Nigerian stock market experienced significant growth, with the NGX All-Share Index rising by 13.5% year-to-date, more than double the return on the MSCI index. This growth is expected to continue into 2024.

2024, nigeria greatness project: why the ngx is pivotal

Economic Growth

Nigeria’s economy is expected to grow by 3.76% in 2024, while inflation is projected to moderate to 21.4%. This growth is likely to contribute to the overall performance of the NGX.

Infrastructure and Education

As Nigeria continues to develop its infrastructure and education sectors, the country’s economy is expected to diversify away from its current oil-dependent model. This shift could lead to increased investment opportunities in the stock market.


Market Performance

The NGX has quietly outperformed most financial instruments year-to-date, indicating its potential to generate wealth for Nigerians. The stock market has experienced significant growth, with the NGX All-Share Index rising by 13.5% in the first half of 2023, outpacing the MSCI index


Prospects for Wealth Creation

The capital market is anticipated to play a pivotal role in creating wealth for Nigerians as the economy recovers in 2024

Future Expansion

The NGX is set to expand its offerings in 2024, incorporating advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, which could further enhance its role in the country’s economic development


In 2021, the demutualization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) was initiated, leading to the emergence of NGX Regulation (NGX REGCO) Limited, Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), and NGX Real Estate Limited (NGX RELCO)

Historic High

In August 2022, NGX witnessed a historic moment as its All-Share Index (ASI) reached a new all-time high of 66,490.34 points, surpassing the previous record of 66,371.20 points set on March 5, 2008.

THe NGX Exchange closed year 2023 on an even  higher note, recording a year-on-year increase of 45.90%, marking the fourth consecutive annual gain as it closed at 74,773.77 index points. Concurrently, the market capitalization experienced a noteworthy uptick of N13 trillion year-on-year, concluding at N40.92 trillion. 

Financial Literacy Initiatives

NGX Group has been committed to bridging the financial literacy gap through various programs and collaborations with key stakeholders, including the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and other organizations


Exchange Rate Unification

In June 2022, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) consolidated its multiple exchange rates into a single market-known as the Investors’ and Exporters’ (I&E) window rate, eliminating market distortions and enhancing transparency, liquidity, and overall market confidence

Digital Offerings

In December 2021, NGX hosted its first digital offering from MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, attracting a diverse range of investors, including millennials and Generation Z.

Power Sector Listing

In 2022, NGX recorded a landmark power sector listing in Geregu Power Plc, which significantly increased the market capitalization of the Exchange by N750 billion


FMCG Listing

NGX secured a significant listing in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector during the year, further demonstrating its attractiveness as a preferred listing platform


Investor Sentiment

Despite challenges such as a decline in foreign transactions and a shift in investor focus to fixed-income securities, NGX has continued to attract investors and maintain a vibrant market


Driving Listings

NGX has been driving listings, which remain a key avenue to drive sustainable growth for the Nigerian capital market. The Exchange has secured significant listings in the FMCG and power sectors, contributing to trading activity and boosting NGX’s market capitalization

Educational and Outreach Programs

NGX has been developing educational and outreach programs to address financial literacy and inclusion. These programs are designed to support the National Financial Inclusion Strategy and encourage public participation in the capital market.


Product Development

NGX has crafted suitable products and pilot initiatives to promote financial inclusion. For instance, the Exchange played a leading role in developing the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Ijarah Sukuk and the FGN Savings Bonds, both aimed at advancing financial inclusion in the Nigerian capital market


Market Advocacy

The Exchange has been actively involved in market advocacy and policy support to advance financial inclusion. This includes efforts to promote and enforce just and equitable principles of listing and trading, as well as maintain fair and orderly financial markets through its subsidiary, NGX REGCO


Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Ijarah Sukuk

NGX played a leading role in the development and issuance of the FGN Ijarah Sukuk, which were designed with financial inclusion in mind, offering low entry points to ensure participation from low-income earners


Man, innovation, technology. Boost africa’s manufacturingProduct Development and Innovation:

NGX is working on innovative products and solutions, such as the USSD launch in collaboration with Telcos and Banks, and payment integration with Afreximbank’s Pan African Payment Exchange


Strategic Partnerships

NGX collaborates with development finance institutions, banks (both local and international), and other stakeholders to further enhance financial inclusion and promote innovative financial products


Financial Literacy Programs

NGX supports financial literacy programs by providing accessible education and resources, partnering with social media influencers and media houses, and participating in events such as the 2022 World Investor Week and 2023 Global Money Week

The Challenges NGX must surmount

While the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) has made significant strides in contributing to Nigeria’s economic development, several challenges could impact its ability to champion the country’s greatness in 2024. These challenges include:

Market Volatility: The NGX operates in a global financial landscape that is susceptible to economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and other external factors. Market volatility can influence investor confidence and impact the overall performance of the exchange.

Macroeconomic Factors: Nigeria faces challenges related to inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, and fiscal policies. Economic instability and unfavorable macroeconomic conditions can affect businesses and investor sentiment, posing challenges for the NGX in attracting and retaining investors.

Infrastructure and Technological Risks: While the NGX has made strides in adopting technology, it still faces challenges related to the overall infrastructure in Nigeria. Power outages, internet connectivity issues, and cybersecurity threats can disrupt trading activities and undermine the efficiency of the exchange.

Regulatory Environment: The regulatory landscape in Nigeria plays a crucial role in the operations of the NGX. Changes in regulations or uncertainties about regulatory policies can impact market dynamics and create challenges for companies listed on the exchange.

Liquidity Concerns: Ensuring sufficient liquidity in the market is essential for the NGX to remain an attractive investment destination. If there are liquidity constraints or if trading volumes decline, it could hinder the exchange’s ability to serve as a robust platform for capital mobilization.

Global Economic Trends: The NGX’s performance is influenced by global economic trends. Factors such as changes in interest rates, commodity prices, or global economic downturns can affect investor confidence and impact the Nigerian capital market.

Political Stability: Nigeria’s political climate can impact investor confidence. Political instability, policy uncertainties, and governance issues may create a risk-averse environment for both domestic and international investors.

Access to Capital: While the NGX facilitates capital raising through IPOs and other means, the ability of companies to access capital may be constrained by economic conditions, investor sentiment, or the creditworthiness of businesses seeking funds.

Social and Environmental Factors: Increasing attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors globally may affect companies listed on the NGX. Companies that do not meet ESG standards may face challenges in attracting investors, impacting the overall reputation of the exchange.

Global Competitiveness: The NGX operates in a competitive global environment. To champion Nigeria’s greatness, it needs to continuously enhance its competitiveness, attract foreign investment, and position itself as a preferred destination for capital.


Addressing these challenges

This will require a collaborative effort from the NGX, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders to ensure a resilient and sustainable capital market that can contribute to Nigeria’s economic greatness in 2024 and beyond.

Possible Impact of New Management

In the last week of 2023 The Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX) Group announced the appointment of Temi Popoola as its Group Managing Director effective from January 1st 2024. He came on the heels of the retirement of Mr. Oscar Onyema who would finish his tenure as Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Group on 31st March 2024 and is scheduled to embark on his terminal leave effective January 1st 2024.

Mr. Jude Chiemeka was also appointed as the Acting CEO of NGX effective 1 January 2024.

Onyema led the stabilization, growth, demutualisation and restructuring of the NGX Group Plc, a public company limited by shares, which is a significant milestone in the organisation’s history. He also led the listing of the Company on the main board of NGX.

The inauguration of a new management team at NGX Group in 2024 can have significant impacts on the organization and the Nigerian financial landscape. The effects will likely be felt across various aspects, influencing the exchange’s operations, strategies, and overall contribution to Nigeria’s economic development. Here are some key impacts to consider:

Strategic Vision and Direction: The new management team is likely to bring a fresh perspective and vision for the NGX Group. Their strategic decisions and direction will shape the future trajectory of the organization, influencing its goals, priorities, and market positioning.

Operational Efficiency and Innovation: New leadership often brings a focus on operational efficiency and innovation. The management team may implement changes in technology, processes, and organizational structure to enhance the overall effectiveness of the NGX Group, improving services for market participants and stakeholders.

Market Confidence and Investor Perception: The appointment of a new management team can impact market confidence and investor perception. If the team is seen as competent, experienced, and capable of navigating challenges, it will instill confidence among investors, potentially attracting new participants to the market.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance: The management team is instrumental in ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining high governance standards. The new leadership may emphasize transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations, bolstering the credibility of the NGX Group.

Stakeholder Relations: Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, including listed companies, investors, regulators, and the public, are crucial for the success of the NGX Group. The new management team will likely prioritize building and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders.

Product and Service Expansion: The NGX Group may witness diversification and expansion of its product and service offerings under new leadership. Exploring new financial instruments, introducing innovative products, and enhancing existing services could contribute to the exchange’s competitiveness.

Global Engagement and Partnerships: The management team may actively pursue global engagement and partnerships to position the NGX Group on the international stage. Collaborations with other exchanges, financial institutions, and market players can enhance the exchange’s visibility and attract foreign investment.

Talent Management and Organizational Culture: The leadership change may bring a focus on talent management and the further development of a positive organizational culture. Investing in human capital, fostering diversity and inclusion, and promoting a culture of innovation can contribute to the NGX Group’s long-term success.

Financial Performance: The decisions and strategies implemented by the new management team will directly impact the financial performance of the NGX Group. The exchange’s revenue, profitability, and overall financial health will be closely watched by investors, regulators, and the financial community.

Adaptation to Market Trends: The new leadership will likely assess and adapt to emerging market trends, including advancements in financial technology, changes in investor preferences, and evolving regulatory requirements. Staying abreast of these trends will be crucial for the NGX Group’s competitiveness.

In summary, the inauguration of a new management team at the NGX Group in 2024 presents an opportunity for further growth, more positive changes, innovation, and strategic alignment. The impacts will extend beyond the immediate term, influencing the exchange’s role in championing Nigeria’s economic greatness in the years to come.


In an era of interconnected economies, NGX’s efforts towards global integration can only get better. The exchange’s strategic collaborations, coupled with its alignment with international reporting standards, positions Nigeria as an attractive destination for global investors. As geopolitical and economic landscapes evolve, NGX’s global competitiveness is expected to fortify Nigeria’s standing in the international investment community.



he economic outlook for Nigeria in 2024 sees the Nigerian Exchange Limited as a champion of the nation’s economic greatness. Rooted in historical successes, driven by technological innovation, and committed to sustainable growth, NGX’s trajectory aligns with global best practices. As Nigeria plows on in its journey towards economic prominence, NGX is positioned not just as a financial institution but as a dynamic catalyst shaping the nation’s economic destiny.

All things being equal, NGX is indeed poised to be a Champion for Nigeria’s greatness in 2024.