Nigerian Law School Records Mass Failure in its 2013/2014 Records

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The recent release of the 2013/2014 Nigerian Law School result has left many people in shock; most especially the students. The result was a tsunami as it was a huge mass failure this year.

Reports said that out of the 5,000 candidates who registered, only about 2,000 passed. Meaning that about 3,000 students failed the bar exam, the highest failure the Nigerian Law School has witnessed since its 50 years of existence.

This kind of result opens room for many questions; since its existence, such large amount of failure has never been recorded. Now does it mean students don’t seem to take their education seriously? Hence the outcome of the result; or was it an intentional act by the authorities to upgrade their marking scheme in order to reduce the amount of lawyers that are been called to bar yearly.

Many of the students are angry and frustrated. They say they don’t believe the mass failure is the fault of the students and are now asking for a review of their results. An affected student who reached out

“People have worked their butt off for this exam, people have ran literally mad for this exam, these same people have invested their life savings for this exam, people who lost their parents prior to this exam had to muster the strength to write this exam and the Director general of the Nigerian law school who is responsible for the this mass failure doesn’t see reasons with these people. He said he’s raising a standard but all we see is a high standard of failure!”

Another student said “Do we say 3000 students paid N300, 000 not counting expenses for a year, feeding, books, then prepared to fail? We are calling for a review”

Numerous questions are being asked, and I believe the Director General of the Nigerian Law School is in a better position to answer these questions and also give an explanation as to the cause of the mass failure.

What do you think is/was the major cause in this year’s mass failure? Kindly share your thoughts with us… Thank you.