NIMET Cautions Pilot and Flight Operators against Bad Weather

By Precious Adi

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) yesterday advised pilots to take necessary measures to avert plane crash due to some cases of bad weather to be experienced this year.
They advised flight operators to avail themselves to its daily weather forecasts issued for all airports, aerodromes, air strips and helipads.

“Pilots are advised to take additional measures during take-off and landing to avoid weather hazards caused by wind shear, slippery runways and reduced visibility due to heavy rainfall,” it said.

NimetNIMET said that the projected above normal rainfall in the north-west and inland south could pose threat to road transportation, saying visibility in storms and lightning could cause accidents.

 NIMET, on health said that there will be warm conditions in the North and that is expected to cause some levels of discomfort, particularly in areas including Yola, Yelwa, Maiduguri, Nguru, Sokoto and Potiskum.

The agency also predicted that heat-related ailments were expected to be prevalent in these areas during the hot season.

They also said the prospect of cold weather-related diseases such as pneumonia, catarrh and cough were likely in Yelwa, Jos, Abuja and Minna where minimum temperature could be colder than normal in April.

NIMET advised that health practitioners and governments in the states to make contingency plans in the event of outbreak of diseases.