YOBE KILLINGS: Parents Protest in Lagos

By Precious Adi

Aggrieved parents arrived at the office of Governor Babatunde Fashola in the early hours of the morning to protest the killing of students of Federal Government College, Bunu Yadi in Yobe State and others who have been killed in the northern region by the Boko Haram.

The parents dressed in black attire, called on the Federal government, state governors and the security agencies in the country to solve the problem immediately.

Apart from the general placard with the inscription: ‘Boko Haram, stop killing our children’, each of the protesters were armed with placards bearing the names of the students.

ProtestThey explained that the unity school which they all attended was established to foster unity irrespective of the language, faith, ethnic and tribe and development in the country.

 Mrs. Ibiyemi Olufowobi, one of the protesters lamented that her child in one Unity schools in Lagos, was already panicking that his school could be attacked by the group.

Another protester, Mr. Bestman Izi, explained that they were all graduates of different Unity Secondary Schools, saying,

“The only thing we could do was to embark on this protest, to draw the attention of the President, Goodluck Jonathan and the governors of the 36 states to the plight of the students of these schools.”

Governor Fashola responded to the protesters by assuring them that he would deliver their message to the president, so as to expedient actions on their demands.

He also said that the solution to ending the problem in the country requires the participation of everyone, adding; “Residents of Lagos should endeavour to alert the police or other security agencies in the state whenever they discover any unusual act.”