FASHOLA:What I Expect Of My Successor


The Governor of Lagos State,  Babatunde Fashola, has stated emphatically that he is more interested in who succeeds him next year, towards advancing the cause of the state. The governor said this during an interactive session at the  State Marina, stressed that he was concerned about who would be the next governor of the state. When asked on who he prefers to succeed him, Fashola said: “I prefer a successor that would surpass my achievements in office and advance the cause of Lagos State.”

Fashola, added that he was not praying to be the best governor the state would ever produce but expected his successor to carry on the transformation agenda without further delay. In terms of policy sustainability, it is fortunate that over the years, the government of Lagos state is becoming more institutionalized therefore it is becoming easier for every successor to improve on what his predecessor has done.

Fashola what i expect of my successor“I am not worried about the person who will succeed me, but I am concerned because I will be involved. I really hope that the person who will take over after me will be a lot better than me. “I hope that the person can do in four years what it has taken us eight years to do. That I know will be beneficial to all of us. My interest in the next election is Lagos. Who will be the best to guide and advance the course and interest of Lagos.”

Speaking on steps his government had taken in the area of transportation in the state, he said  the government is currently proffering solutions  in different areas , saying there was nowhere in the world where regional government had embarked on such massive transportation works his government had embarked on.

Fashola said: “I don’t know any state in the world that is building roads like the 60kilometre Lagos- Badagry expressway;  50kilometre  Lekki-Epe expressway; 20 kilometre Mile12-Ikorodu road; a light rail train of 27 kilometres; four major jetties and terminals and also partnering to install a cable car system – all at the same time.

“Only national governments do what we are doing. That is what is emboldening us to build more homes in Ikorodu, more homes in Agbowa, in Epe and Badagry because we know that by the time they are completed, any journey from there to the city center will be a maximum of 45 minutes to one hour.”