Samsung Set To Unveil Latest Galaxy Smartphone

By Segun Oniyide
Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones have surged in popularity. The new phone arrives as the market enters a transition period, Smartwatches, like the new Gear 2 from Samsung, could represent a new wave.
Having already revealed its latest take on the smartwatch, Samsung will host an event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, where it is widely expected the electronics giant will unveil its latest Galaxy smartphone.
The company has all but confirmed it will announce the Galaxy S5 smartphone, recently launching a teaser video titled ”

SamsungThe Next Galaxy” that features a series of images and buzzwords with the number 5.
The smartphone is the latest in Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices, which have surged in popularity in the fiercel competitive smartphone market. Online reports have swirled about what the new smartphone will feature, including a fingerprint sensor, also available on the rival iPhone 5 from Apple.
Samsung mobile chief Lee Young Hee hinted at a significant upgrade from the Galaxy S4, which topped 40 million in global sales six months after launching last April..
some of the terms used in Samsung’s teaser video could hint at new features, such as slide with the word “Wet,” which might suggest waterproofing similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.