Nokia X Android Smartphone Set For Launch


Nokia’s first Android smartphone is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday. There are hints the new device may be called the X.

Nokia has an event planned for the first day of the mobile sector trade show where it is anticipated the Finnish manufacturer will launch the new device.

The company has been dropping hints about the new phone, including a teaser on its official blog that suggests the device could be called the X.

The teaser shows four black arrows against a green background, forming the letter X.

The new handset comes after the sale of Nokia’s struggling mobile business to Microsoft in September.

Reports suggest the device will have an interface that looks more like Windows than Android.

It is also expected to feature Microsoft and Nokia services, instead of those made by Google.

Tom Wiggins, deputy editor of Stuff magazine, said: “The problem with Nokia’s most recent phones has never been the hardware, it’s the fact that they run Windows Phone, so this could be very good news.

“They’ve had excellent cameras and often moved away from the black rectangle school of design that most smartphones come from.

“The surprising thing is that Nokia’s parent company Microsoft is willing to let it happen, although if you look at how many people are using Windows Phone devices, perhaps it’s not such a surprise after all.

“With specs like that it’s unlikely to tempt people away from the high-end alternatives offered by Samsung, Apple et al, but perhaps Nokia’s just testing the water.”