FBN HOLDINGS Brand Refreshed For Better …Countdown to its 120th Anniversary Celebrations Begins

Firstbank logo

FBN Holdings PLC, Nigeria’s largest financial services group, on January 27, 2014 unveiled a refreshed corporate identity for the entire group, including all its subsidiaries. Designed to reflect the company’s strategic direction and positioning to meet the future needs of the market, the refreshed identity has since been rolled out across the Group’s operations, including First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

The unveiling also marked the countdown to the celebration of another milestone in the history of FBN Holdings, the 120th anniversary celebrations. Founded in 1894 as The Bank for British West Africa, FBN Group’s FirstBank was the very first banking institution to be established in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the CEO, FBN Holdings, Bello Maccido, said; “Today’s announcement of the refreshed FBN Group’s identity is an important milestone and the culmination of much hard work. We are committed to building a financial institution that consistently supports growth and that celebrates and showcases the unique characteristics of the diverse nations on our continent. We believe that our continued success will be built on the principle that we will add value nationally, regionally and at the continental level. Our customers have always come first and each and every change that we implement as a group is designed to ensure that continues.”

The Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, FolakeAni-Mumuney explained further that:“the refreshed identity embodies our internal values and the direction we are headed in as a group, like the iconic elephant, which signifies strength and resilience, two of the greatest traits to have as an individual, as an institution and as a nation. Since launching in 1894, the FBN brand has established itself as a brand of strength and dynamism, with the vision to be the leading international financial services group in Sub Saharan Africa. Our brand is at the heart of the holistic experience we seek to deliver to our stakeholders, an essential part of retaining patronage and the competitive edge that keeps us at the coveted position of market leader.                   Refreshing the FBN Group brand is a major milestone in a wider strategic plan to ensure that the group is more efficient and effective in delivering on the needs of its customers. Our approach places the highest priority on the needs of our customers.”

Elements and Thrust of the new logo

The iconic African elephant has been a robust symbol of strength and growth for FirstBank, FBN Holdings and all its subsidiaries, establishing the organisation as a clear leader in the financial services industry.

The elephant is the respected and instantly recognizable icon of First Bank which has been transposed to the holding company and as such, retaining the lofty elements and associations linked to the Elephant. The Group has further re-ignited the iconic symbol with a number of enhancements that communicate a robust evolution relevant to today.

According to Ani-Mumuney “The raised head of the Elephant in the group in our refreshed identity is our promise to all customers that with us in their corner, every financial challenge they face, they can face with their head held high. The deep blue colour represents momentum, innovation and evolution. These principles ensure that we continue to develop solutions that are at the heart of all their challenges. The raised foot of the elephant is a promise that we will always put our best foot forward for each and every one of our customers. Finally, the adoption of complementary colours: platinum and gold into our logo, precious metals identified with value, serves as a reminder of the inherent value and durability of our brand. Our brand refresh marks a renewed promise to all our stakeholders – a promise to continue to set the gold standard of value and excellence in financial solutions across Sub Saharan Africa