Twitter CEO Confident In Growth

1391607908000-xxx-usl-twitter-05Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that he’s confident in the company’s road map for growth.

Twitter is making content clearer on the platform while moving the technology of the service more to the background, CEO Dick Costolo said during a talk at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference.

During the fourth quarter, Twitter made several changes that have already produced results. It made photos, video and other media easier to see and brought actions like retweets more into the timeline. That generated a 35% increase in the number of favorites and retweets since the launch.

Twitter put messaging front and center on its mobile apps during the fourth quarter and that resulted in a 25% increase in private conversations since launch, Costolo noted.

Twitter CEO said after the company reported its first quarterly results as a public company. The stock has surged since an IPO last year, but lackluster user growth and engagement numbers from the fourth quarter have added to concern about whether the micro-blogging service has broad enough appeal to become as large at Facebook.

Costolo said Twitter is simplifying the process of signing up. The company will focus on getting new users connected to people who they already know through their mobile contacts.