Nigeria records increase in teledensity-NCC

Executive vice chairman, ncc, eugene juwah

A report from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that Nigeria’s teledensity rose to 87.06 per cent at the end of October 2013 from 86.62 per cent in September.

The report has it that number of active lines in the country rose to 121.9 million at the end of October 2013 from 121.3 million a month earlier. It put the total number of connected lines however dropped to 169.9 million from 172 million within the same period. This was as a result of a reduction in the number of connected GMS lines from 158.2 million in September 2013 to 156.1 million.

The report also shows increases in the numbers of connected mobile CDMA and fixed wired/wireless lines. Mobile CDMA lines rose to 11.34 million from 11.31 million while fixed wired/wireless lines rose to 2.46 million from 2.41 million within the same period.

For the active lines, mobile GSM lines rose to 119.1 million from 118.5 million between September and October 2013, active mobile CDMA lines reduced from 2.44 million to 2.42 million while the number of active fixed wired/wireless rose to about 363,000 from about 362,400. The report said Nigeria’s installed capacity at the end of October 2013 stood at 238,399,764 from 240,679,159 in September.