Tony liang wei

Chinese giant ICT solutions company, Huawei is set to further consolidate its position in the Nigerian ICT sector in 2014. This was confirmed in a recent release by Mr. Tony Liang, Managing Director (West Africa), Huawei Devices who affirmed that aside its presence in the global market the firm also has “a long-term relationship with almost all the operators in the Nigerian market.”

According to him “Huawei is a very big ICT group globally”. He expatiated further: “We have network solutions and we also device solution, we support our partners, telecom operators, for ICT solutions. We also have mobile division for the local consumers.”

Speaking about its operation in the country, Liang asserted that “Huawei already thinks more of the Nigerian market than Kenya’s.

“We expect a good growth because of the new technology coming. For devices, the Ascend product brand, of which we are currently creating brand awareness, will gain more local consumers’ acceptance. This year, our minimum target is selling about 400, 000 devices in Nigeria,” he said.

He concluded by avowing that “Huawei’s product will be among the top three big brands in the Nigerian market.”