By Oriade Ayomide


As Nigerians await the time table for the 2015 general elections the Independent National Electoral Commission has said it can only promise Nigerians a better election compared to 2011 but cannot guarantee a perfect election.

Stating this yesterday, Chairman of the commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, said “We are not promising a perfect election in 2015 but we are confident that we will do our best.” Jega added that INEC had embarked on the training of its members of staff   in collaboration with development partners as one of the measures to achieve success during the polls.

The professor who stressed the issue of inadequate resources which has always constitutes a problem for the commission, said the commission is still running a continuous voter register and have held a  series of meetings with security agencies, civil society organisations and development partners who could help in making the election a success

“The resources available to discharge that responsibility are usually insufficient, given the enormity of the task of dealing with a large illiterate population and to get them to understand what to do not only during voting but the larger issues of costing good candidates and so on. So there is a lot of things the CSOs can do.”