Barca Paid Neymar’s Parents £34m

Neymar junior

Spanish giants, FC Barcelona have confirmed that almost 70% of Neymar’s transfer fee from his move to Camp Nou went to a company owned by the player’s parents. The club has revealed the details of the Brazilian’s move from Santos to Camp Nou after Spanish prosecutors called on a Madrid judge to investigate what they perceived to be irregularities in the deal. The case was brought by Jordi Cases, a Barcelona member who opposed club president Sandro Rosell.

Rosell has been accused of failing to divulge the true cost of the deal. Cases and others claim it could rise from £48.6 million to more than £63 million, with £34 million going to Neymar’s family as a “signing bonus”.

However, Barcelona say that figure went to N&N Consultoria Esportiva and Empresarial Ltd, a company owned by Neymar’s mother and father. As a result, Barcelona could be open to further legal action from Sao Paulo-based DIS Esporte, a separate player investment fund, after they acquired 40% of Neymar’s transfer rights during his time at Santos.

DIS Esporte received £5.8 million after Neymar’s move to Barcelona, which was only 40% of the fee when N&N’s £34 million had been removed from the equation. Prosecutors for the firm have asked FIFA and Santos for the official documents from the deal, with rumours a “simulated” version exists alongside the real one.

Barcelona, however, have demanded Cases’ lawsuit be “thrown out of court” after denying any wrongdoing, and have submitted an affidavit to the court. A Barcelona statement read: “The club provides a detailed argument as to why the lawsuit should be dismissed. Firstly because of the real motivation of the plaintiff, which is to use the legal system to attempt to discredit the club and its president.”

“Secondly, the affidavit explains that the payment of €40 million [£34 million] to N&N Consultoria Esportiva and Empresarial Ltd as part of the payment for the player is included in the €57.1 million [£48.6 million] total, which the club has indicated from the first moment.