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Arik, Shame of the Nation

Arik Air prides itself as Wings of Nigeria. It is not true. Instead Arik is the Shame of Nigeria. Or how else do you explain this: On Monday, December 16, 2013 I flew Arik to Asaba with a return ticket to dash back to Lagos same day to enable me attend a programme the next day `for which i was not only slated as co-compere but was assured of juicy business opportnunity arising therefrom. Typical of Arik, our 8.30 am flight from Lagos to Asaba could not take off until past 11am. We grumbled but Arik had a bigger shocker for us. Our return flight originally scheduled for 5 pm was shifted to 5.50pm, then…then…cancelled. Yes, Arik cancelled the return flight keeping everybody stranded and frustrated. Some passengers had late night international flight that night. No reason except the traditional ‘operational reason’ was given. The staff were hostile and compounded the bitterness of the already incensed passengers. I asked for refund but i was told ‘no refund’ for me because i paid with my debit card. I missed the programme i was to attend the next day, and worse of it all was the trauma i had to go through hauling my luggage back and staying the night in Asaba which i never budgeted for. i have already briefed my lawyer….

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