Bolt Wins Race Against Bus In Argentina

 Usain boltOlympic and World sprint champion, Usain Bolt showed the extent of his almost superhuman capability when he beat a bus in an 80m dash in to the finishing line in an 80m dash in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bolt who won the race with ease, comfortably strolled past the finish line while his opponent, the bus, a public transport vehicle, which was loaded with passengers didn’t even get out of third gear before the race ended.

The sprinter warmed up with a massage and some stretching, before he got ready for the event. He started off quickly, before realising he had put a considerable distance between him and the bus.

Bolt shook hands with the driver afterwards and performed his signature celebration, before taking on some real athletes in a 120m sprint which he also won.

Bolt, who was presented with the male IAAF Athlete of the Year award last month, has now won the male award for the fifth time in six years, beating Olympic 800m champion Mo Farah in the process, successfully defended both his 100m and 200m titles at the World Championships in Moscow