Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has set the political-scape agog with a blistering open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan. He describes Jonathan in very uncharitable words blaming him for the current woes of the Nigerian nation-brand. Jonathan is equally accused of dividing the country along tribal and religious lines while noting that he has a character and integrity deficit for saying things he does not mean.

Most importantly Obasanjo notes that the nation is listing perilously in dangerous waters as virtually every index points to the fact that Nigeria may become a failed state if President Jonathan continues in his present path and fails to stem corruption, insecurity and the self-serving politics. Obasanjo in his 18-page letter titled “Before It Is Too Late”, said Nigeria under Mr. Jonathan’s leadership “is bleeding and the hemorrhage must be stopped”.

Reuben Abati has responded immediately saying that the presidency finds it “highly unbecoming, mischievous and provocative that a letter written by a former Head of State and respected elder statesman to President Jonathan has been deliberately leaked to the mass media in a deplorable effort to impugn the integrity of the President and denigrate his commitment to giving Nigeria the best possible leadership.

Abati continued that “While many patriotic, objective and well-meaning Nigerians have already condemned the leaked letter as self-serving, hypocritical, malicious, indecent, and very disrespectful of the highest office in the land, President Jonathan has directed that none of his aides or any government official should join issues with Chief Obasanjo over it”. He also noted that at the appropriate time, President Jonathan will offer a full personal response to the charges leveled against him by Chief Obasanjo which he described as “most reckless, baseless, unjustifiable and indecorous”.


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