UNICEM Launches New Product


Unicem cement bag    The United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited (UNICEM), launched its new high-strength cement into the Port Harcourt construction industry, a product said to be deployable for heavy construction works.

The product, called “UniCem 42,5N Limestone Portland cement”, which was launched over the weekend, is produced for specialised heavy construction works like high-rise buildings, long-span bridges, dams, fly-over, and silos.

Agrawal said UniCem went into production of the new cement, based on expectations and needs of customers like the construction companies into roads construction and precast infrastructure.

The UniCem 42,5N, PRODUCED BY Unicem, Nigeria’s third largest cement producer, is a versatile cement with many benefits such as: high and ultimate compressive strength, low heat of hydration (reduced cracking), workability, reduced bleeding, reduced porosity (enhanced strength), improved cohesion, smooth surface finish and has environmental friendliness (less CO2 emission).

The product, which was launched at the Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, was witnessed by some major construction companies such as: Lubrik, Julius Berger Nigeria, Setraco, Alcon, Lafarge Ready Mix Concrete, Deux Project, Trans Ocean Limited, O.K Isokarari, among others.

Some building and civil engineering experts also said the new cement comes off as UniCem’s positive answer for provision of cement product that would meet a growing advocacy for use of cement-based products in building of motorways and other long-span infrastructures in Nigeria as well as go a long way in stemming the prevalence of collapsed buildings in the country.

UniCem has a modern state-if-the-art 2.5 million metric tons per capacity integrated cement plant at Mfamosing, Cross River State; and would hit 2 million in production capacity by year-end; with an expansion work to further deliver 5 million metric tons per annum in three years.