FacebookSocial media analysts compiled the world’s top 10 most popular brands on social media in the month of November. Facebook was top of the list after adding almost 10m new fans on its own platform, edging out last month’s leader National Geographic into second place. Facebook also became the first page to pass the 100 million mark.

National Geographic also picked up over 16 million views on their Youtube channel, and were also very popular on the Google Plus. They gained over half a million new followers.

Walt Disney continued its strong performance by holding on to third place by gaining over 155,000 new SINA followers.

The biggest entry in the top five came from Playboy holding their spot on the fourth position. It celebrated its 60th anniversary with a cover shoot featuring top-model Kate Moss. They gathered a massive 1.6 new Facebook fans.

In the 5th place was NIKE, holding its spot as the most popular sports brand in the month of November. NIKE has been getting excited for the World Cup on Instagram where they gathered over 200,000 new fans.

Samsung Mobile was in 6th place due to the huge demand for the Galaxy S4 phone which sold over 10 million units in the first month of debut. Samsung Mobile gained over 1 million followers on Twitter.

In 7th place was Google and it gained over 5 million Youtube views all thanks to ‘Google Stories’ that depicts and engineer who turned an empty building into a skate park.

MTV continued to go big as they clinched an 8th spot on the list by accumulating over 286,000 new followers on Twitter, as fans  campaigned to vote for their favorite musicians .

Instagram got 867,000 new followers on Twitter and that kept them in 9th position, while in 10th position was Coca Cola, with Christmas fast approaching, Coca Cola released a short Christmas video gaining them over 1 million likes on Facebook.