Sanusi lamido sanusiOn who is going to succeed him as the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has advised that the person’s identity be made know at least 90 days to the expiration of his tenure. Sanusi’s tenure is expected to elapse by June 2014 and the governor hopes Nigeria would toe the line of United States where a successor to Ben Bernanke was announced few months to the end of his term.

“I think the issue of Bernanke and Yellen, if you remember; it started about two months ago and Bernanke’s tenure ends in December. it will be six months to the end of my term, probably a bit early for the government to start talking about the next person but if I have an input at all, I will try to encourage that we announce a successor two to three months before the end of my tenure so that everybody would know who that person is, what his or her views are, and so people can prepare accordingly,” he said.

Sanusi also advised whoever would be the 11th CBN governor to continue with his policy of tight money supply to consolidate on the gains of low inflation rate achievement of his tenure.