Local Brands: What You Didn’t Know About Boli

By Alphonsus E.W

Boli on grill

Walking with my friend yesterday, we passed a woman roasting plantains along the road. Being one of my favourite snacks, I stopped to buy some. While we both haggled over the price for the plantain, my friend nudged me and when I turned, she winked at me and pointed at the healthy plantains that were on the local grill. I smiled knowingly. After I had bought the snack and was munching it away with groundnuts, my friend remarked that she had heard from somewhere of the sex-boosting properties of boli.

I was intrigued by the thought. After all, didn’t Boli have that shape of a deviant phallus, I wondered. Once I got home, I pulled open my laptop, logged in online and started researching. What I found out was interesting as it was educative.

According to research, roasted plantain is a good source of starch, dietary fiber, Vitamins A, B-6(Pyridoxine) and C. It enhances the skin complexion, maintaining healthy mucus membranes, acts as an antioxidant, helps the body to resist infection, helps bowel movement, and helps in the treatment of neuritis and anaemia.

Roasted plantain apart from containing moderate amounts of Folates, Niacin, Riboflavin and Thiamin is very good for diabetic patients. Also contains minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc and Potassium, the latter two compounds been the most important in the maintaining of erection as it enhances the flow of blood to the penis.

Roasted plantain

Imagine a natural local brand that can do everything Viagra can do without side-effects! Roasted plantains also reduces impotence, and boosts sexual performance and sex drive in males and females as well as preventing premature ejaculation. The many benefits of plantain, particularly the unripe one is not restricted to men only. It tackles frigidity in women and increases their sex drive.

When we compare Roasted Plantain and the Plantain Chips, Roasted Plantains come out tops because frying is not good for the heart and the body overall because of the fat.

When I was done with my little research, my head was swirling. As hard as it is to believe, local brands like these are packed with health-boosting compounds capable of enhancing the overall well-being of its consumers. It is imperative therefore that we embrace more of our local brands than patronize the more fashionable, flamboyant but insidious brands like hot dogs, meat pies, fried rice, and sharwarma, foods which contain little or no nutritional content.

That said, I think I want to rush and get me some Boli and Ekpa because my girlfriend is visiting me this evening!*wink*