Behold, World’s Most Expensive Camera

By Amaka Akachukwu

Leica lexus iiThe world’s most expensive camera is a gold-plated Leica Luxus II. The incredible piece of art was discovered 12 years ago on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. The camera is expected to sell for a world record price of more than $1.6million.

The only surviving model of a Leica Luxus II camera is gold-plated and encased in lizard skin and was one of just four special edition versions made in 1932.

The camera comes with a 50mm Elmar lens, which features a bell-push release. The model is now thought to be the rarest camera in existence as the whereabouts of the other three is unknown.

The brand went on to become one of the most iconic camera manufactured because of their small, compact models in contrast to the large versions available at that time.

The camera will go up for sale at Bonhams in Hong Kong on November 22.  It will be sold with an original crocodile case, the first time one will ever come to light.