AyefeleYinka Ayefele, Nigerian Gospel crooner returned to Nigeria without three members of his band who left the country with him on September 2, 2013 for his United States tour. The missing band members identified as Ojoyido Adegbenga Ezekiel (Keyboardist), Solomon Olugbenga Motimoke (Vocalist) and Olusola Kayode Isaac (vocalist) are speculated to have deserted their band in order to live their American dreams since the tour presented an opportunity of getting into the country. Yinka Ayefele since his arrival back to Nigeria has been perturbed by the incident that took place during his six-week United States tour. The musician bewildered by the acts of these band members has issued a statement notifying and urging the necessary authorities in the U.S to track down the trio and send them back home. According to Nigerian Eye report sequential disappearance followed thus “While Olusola Kayode Isaac defected at the LaGuardia Airport, New York on Monday, 14th October on his way from Houston with three other members of the band, Ojoyido Adegbenga was said to have disappeared from the group at the Howard Johnson Inn on Rockaway Boulevard, New York on Tuesday, 15th October. The third man was Solomon Motimoke (Yatty), who left the band while still at Washington DC on 11th October.”