Zeb Ejiro’s Domitilla The Reboot premieres April 1


After 27 years of its first release, Zeb Ejiro, producer of the blockbuster movie, said a sequel to the movie, ‘Domitilla: The Reboot’ would be released on April 1, 2023.

BRANDPOWER reports that Domitilla is a Nollywood classic of the 1990s.

Ejiro in a statement on Monday said that Zeb Ejiro Production Company, FilmOne Entertainment, and Film Trybe, have teamed up to produce the new movie.

He noted that the movie was a phenomenal action, crime, and thriller film that depicts the life of prostitutes in Lagos, a sprawling city of about 21 million people.

According to him, the movie is such that is full of action and suspense as one event sets off a chain of additional events.

“When we first made Domitilla, it was a story inspired by societal challenges that, over time, have proven to be not only akin to the ’90s but trans-generational.

“And so, in recognition of its relevance in these times, we have decided to make a reboot to the story, factoring recent socio-cultural advancements,” Ejiro said.

He added that it would be in movie theatres from April 7.

Also, Mimi Bartels, Head of Production at FilmOne Entertainment, said “It is a truly passionate project delivered to the Nigerian audience by great minds.

“We didn’t want to glorify the world, but rather show what women go through and the situations they find themselves in, that are out of their control.

“To that end, we spent almost two years looking for women to embody this, we are pleased with our diverse cast, and the world will see them as never before. Our goal is to push and create entertainment that will last forever.”

Kayode Kasum, Creative Director of Film Trybe and Director of Domitilla the Sequel, said, “I am thankful, for without the first, we wouldn’t have the reboot, glad we get to savour both.”

The movie features Teniola Aladese, Uzoamaka Doris Auiunoh, Elvina Ibru, Deyemi Okanlawon, Stan Nze, Ejiro Onojaife and Onyinye Odokoro.

The story revolves around four main female characters—Ekwutosi, Fisayo, Promise, and Madam Vee—and the choices they make and the effects of their choices.

These women are all bound now by Domitilla, an evil empire, established and controlled by Madam Vee.

But can the ladies survive the very city that chops them up and crushes them out? Will they have a choice? We can only wait to find out.