Yvonne Nelson Mourns Kid Actor Who Died 2 Weeks After Starring in Her Movie



Ghanain actress Yvonne Nelson is mourning the death of a kid actor named Kweku who died just two weeks after playing the role of the actress son in a new movie titled “Tomorrow Never Comes.”
According to Nigerian Bulletin Yvonne took to Instagram where she posted photos of she and Kweku on set. She captioned the photo:

“I’m broken! I’m sad! How can you die Kweku, just 2weeks after shooting my movie, playing my son. I’m soooooo sad! R.I.P,’ Yvonne began. This lil’ angel I have in my arms is the reason why I shot ‘IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES’, he inspired a huge part of the story. I heard about him 2years ago.”

“He was suffering from a cerebral malformation, he could not sit, stand, walk or even talk…..I asked myself one evening on set, what if a mosquito bites him, who will even scratch it for him, I’ve been crying throughout this afternoon. I’m heart broken. Life is too sad.R.I.P my angel.”