WORLD’S NO. 1 BRAND: A Is For Apple


Tops Brands octWhich brand has overtaken Coca- Cola as the world’s most valuable brand for 2013? Bearing in mind that Coca-cola is not some Mom and Pop business but one of the most enduring mega-brands, it is an admirable feat to trump it as the most valuable brand on Planet Business. A brand whose iconic logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population and whose advertising budget in 2010 ($2.9bn) eclipsed the combined advertising budgets of two other business mega-brands; Microsoft ($1.6bn) and Apple ($691m), it is no surprise that Coca-Cola has remained the world’s most valuable brand for the last 13 years.

But in a dramatic tipping of the scales, Apple Inc, the company founded by the inimitable Steve Jobs, has toppled the beverage behemoth as the world’s most valuable brand. In the latest rankings released by Interbrand Corporation, Apple, buoyed by its leadership position in design and performance, grew its brand value to $98.3bn, representing an impressive 28% increase.

Google Inc’s value also made significant gains as it climbed to second place behind Apple, recording a $93.3bn overall brand value. Coca-cola still maintained its posturing as one of the world’s top brands with a brand value of $79.2bn, slipping to third in latest Top 100 rankings, after being perched atop the charts for 13 consecutive years.

Contrary to what the industry watchers feared, with the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple has remained dominant in the global market, especially in its niche. Despite the fierce competition in the technology category, Apple has consistently upped its innovation levels, enabling it to stay ahead of the chasing pack.

Brand value is oft determined by observing a brand’s ability to secure earnings, its financial performance and its role in influencing consumer purchase. In the top 100 list, some brands recorded an increase in their brand value. Notable amongst them include; Facebook (+43%), Amazon (+27%), Google (+34%), and Prada (+30%) while Nokia recorded the single biggest drop in brand value (-65%). Here is the list of the first 10 in the Interbrand Top 100 most valuable brands;table brand