World’s Most Expensive Perfume Brands


Caron’s Poivre: $1, 000/oz

This delightful perfume was launched by Michael Morsetti in 1954. Described by connoisseurs as having the most powerful smell, it has a cross gender appeal as it sits well with both men and women.Perfum 1


Clive Christian No. 1: $2, 150/oz

Clive Christian No. 1 announced its arrival in 2001 and up until 2006 it was considered the most expensive perfume in the world with an eye-watering sum of $2, 150 per ounce.

Perfum 2

Chanel Grand Extrait: $4, 200/oz

Chanel has already married itself to the word luxury around planet fashion having some of the world’s most well known perfumes. Therefore, it is no rude shock that they have this limited edition of perfume for such a princely sum.Perfum 3Perfum 4


Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes: $6, 800/oz

Despite being around since 1998, it did not get noticed up until now. To emphasize its paucity, Harrods is among the very few places you can get it for, wait for it, $1, 700 per 0.25 oz! Did I hear you say, Jeez!Perfum 5


Clive Christian Perfume: $12, 700/oz

This perfume, known as the Imperial Majesty when it was first introduced in 2006 immediately became the world’s most expensive perfume. It is sold in finest polished Baccarat crystal bottle and the price is erm…$12, 000 per ounce. Shh! Don’t tell your partner!Perfum 6