Stop the blame game, Emefiele is out but Naira is scarce – Rufai

"Emefiele is now the Jesus that carries their cross and washes away their sins."

Stop the blame game, Emefiele, Naira is scarce, Rufai, Cardoso, CBN
Cardoso / Emefiele

Arise TV anchor, Oseni Rufai has queried the rationale for the continuous blaming of former CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele over every problem with the Nigerian economy by the members of the Tinubu administration, especially as it relates to currency issues.

Rufai weighed in on the issue in a series of tweets he posted on his X (formerly known as Twitter) handle ruffydfire.

Oseni Rufai admonished the current governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Yemi Cardoso to find solutions to the country’s monetary challenges and stop blaming his predecessor, Mr Godwin Emefiele.


BRANDPOWER recalls that Yemi Cardoso had recently put the blame for the fresh naira scarcity currently being experienced in some parts of the country on his predecessor, Godwin Emefiele.

Cardoso said: “Unfortunately, the history of that lies with the naira redesign policy and coming to the end of the year, way before the third quarter, there was a lot of apprehension with respect to where this was all going to end; and whether the old currency would no longer be good for legal tender and many started hoardings. This is really what happened. Happily, Supreme Court has decided that the currency will be valid post-end of the year.”


But Rufai has countered with his series of tweets which has equally attracted a lot of responses on the issue of using Godwin Emefiele as an excuse of all the things going wrong under the Tinubu administration.

Below are a couple of the tweets:

“The current CBN governor should stop blaming Emefiele for his problems.”

“Emefiele is in prison but Naira is scarce, I thought they said Emefiele was the problem. Emefiele is out of office now and the dollar to Naira is bad.”


“Emefiele is out of office now and the dollar to Naira is bad. Is it Emefiele that caused this Naira slump?”

“Is it Emefiele that removed subsidy and today we can’t see the savings from that action and the World Bank now says government should remove subsidy fully while government claim to have done that?”


“Is it Emefiele that made the price of chicken increase to over 20k Naira in some parts of Nigeria?”


“Is it Emefiele that made government officials go waste our money in Dubai?”

“Is it Emefiele that caused the recent spate of kidnappings in Nigeria?”



“Is it Emefiele that made the trade Minsiter claim she wants to spend close to a billion in Geneva?”

“Is it Emefiele that made trade minister not know the balance of trade between Nigeria and China?

“Is it Emefiele that caused the crisis between Wike and Fubara?”


Responding, an X user, Unapologetic Zee said “Emefiele is now the Jesus that carries their cross and washes away their sins.” Another X user, Elenrossi said: “Emefiele was never the problem”

Udeaja Ogonna opined that “The man under whose watch Emefiele acted is relaxing and moving about freely together with his kinsmen. Until Nigeria stops marginalization, tribalism and pretence it can never prosper. Some are treated badly because of where they come from and people say of one Nigeria. Nonsense!”