Scrap dealers in dire need of funding, protection – Association

Experts say the business generates a turnover of more than N1 trillion annually.


Scrap dealers in dire need of funding, protection - AssociationThe National Association of Scrap and Waste Dealers Employers of Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to provide them with soft loans to expand their business.

The scrap dealers also urged the government to prevail on security agencies to stop harassing their members.

The Chairman of the association’s Chairmen Forum, Alhaji Aminu Hassan, made the plea on the sideline of the association’s stakeholders meeting on Sunday in Abuja.

BRANDPOWER reports that the association is a registered trade union under the Trade Union Act, Cap. T14, laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

It is the umbrella body of all persons engaged in recycling, scrap and waste business, including scavengers, dissemblers, sorters, processors, converters and suppliers.

The association regulates the activities of dealers and employers in the recycling, scrap and waste business in Nigeria.

Experts say the business generates a turnover of more than N1 trillion annually.

According to Hassan, the association is in dire need of funding and protection to enhance its contribution to the national economy.

“We have up to five million members, but they are operating in a very difficult environment,” he fumed.

Hassan alleged that security agents usually  harass them “especially in the process of conveying our products to smelting companies”.

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“We, therefore, call on the federal government to intervene and assist us in checkmating the ugly trend to enable us carry out our business seamlessly.

“In Kano State alone, we have about a million members spread across the state not to talk of Lagos State where we have almost two million members in the business of scrap and waste.

“Businesses that have such huge number of members deserve financial assistance and protection from the federal government to enable them function optimally,” the chairman added.

Hassan also called on the federal government to intervene in the pricing of their products and not leave it to the companies they do business with.

“These companies, mostly foreign companies, owned by the Chinese and Indians, are fond of changing the prices of the products they buy from us at will, sometimes without informing us, the suppliers.

“This development has seriously affected our business negatively.

“For instance, you can buy a product for N500,000, but on getting to the company, they will tell you they cannot buy it for more than N400,000.

“This usually lead to a serious shortage or loss on our own part. Imagine after buying a product for N500,000 only for you to end up selling it for N400,000.

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“We have tried our best by telling them that they should always inform us of price changes ahead of time but, so far, it has not yielded any positive response,” he said.