-By Oriade Ayomide

microsoftMicrosoft has named 46 –year old Satya Nadella as its new chief executive officer. Nadella was previously in charge of the firm’s growing business of delivering software and services over the internet before becoming the third boss in Microsoft’s 38-year history. Making a profit from Surface tablets will be on Mr Nadella’s to-do list.

His appointment did not come as a surprise as he was born in India and has been with the firm for 22 years. He previously worked in some of its fastest-growing and most profitable areas, including the Office suite of products.

Company founder Bill Gates is leaving the chairman role and becomes its new technology adviser. According to the company, Gates’ technology adviser role will be on the board of directors.

In other management shake-ups, John Thomson was announced as the IT giant’s new chairman. Shares in Microsoft were up 1.2% in early trading Microsoft’s traditional PC-centric Windows and Office franchises has dwindled in recent years and the company is prepared to fight against ground made by Apple and Google in mobile computing.

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