Qnet to provide financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills to Nigerians

According to Abiodun, there is a growing demand for job creation among young people in Nigeria to drive economic growth


The Qnet, a digital marketing group, in partnership with Transblue Limited, says it is building financial literacy and providing trainings on entrepreneurial skills and business management to help Nigerian youths start-up and grow their own  businesses.

Transblue’s Managing Director, Abdulhakeem Abiodun, said this during a roundtable in Abuja.

According to Abiodun, there is a growing demand for job creation among young people in Nigeria to drive economic growth

He said that technology and innovation had provided opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop new businesses, solve local problems and positively impact society.

“This partnership enables us to connect every Nigerian to the global network of QNET.

It aims to provide a great business opportunities to those who seek a better tomorrow and transform their lives.

“This is not to say that Qnet is giving employment to Nigerians, but it enables sharp minds to create an entrepreneurial skill to give value to people,” he said.

He addded that Qnet did not promise employment but encouraged youths to their own employers.

“The company has much for Nigerians that have shown commitment to entrepreneurship to be mentored and be trained to improve their skills.

“We want to leverage the technological advancement needed for direct selling to achieve these goals.

“Entrepreneurship education, financial literacy, skill development and business management Programmes are available for young people in Nigeria.

Those opportunities would help the young people to build the skills necessary to start and grow their businesses in different endeavours, like music, fashion, and the arts,” he said.

Abiodun said that the challenges companies faced in Nigeria encouraged Transblue to become a part of the solution by bringing superior customer and logistics services to the market.

Qnet’s Director-General, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr Biram Fall, said that the company had consistently maintained legitimate business model.

Fall said that the organisation used virtual e-commerce platforms to conduct transactions, manage customer orders and provide real-time support to its representatives.

“Qnet has been consistent and we continue to maintain that we are a legitimate business model.

“We provide comprehensive training and support to our independent representatives, including sales and marketing tools, product knowledge, and leadership development,” he said.

The Group Chief Communications Officer, Qnet, Singapore, Ramya Chandrasekaran, said the company recently launched a Direct Selling Disinformation Centre (DSDC).

Chandrasekaran said the centre would help to combat the proliferation of disinformation and misinformation about the direct selling industry and its brand.

“QNET operates an online global DSDC to dispel misconceptions, unethical behaviour and public complaints about the sector.

“From an industry perspective, this is a unique initiative that advocates transparency and good practices.

“We keep hearing on social media that there are people offering jobs in the name of Qnet, people who are misrepresenting the name of Qnet and this is disturbing to us,” she said.

She urged the general public to report such incidences of unethical conduct at the DSDC for further action.

According to her, Qnet promotes  entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals to start their businesses and achieve financial independence globally, especially in Africa.