No plans to quit fighting says “Nigerian Nightmare” Usman

“I think I did enough to win the fight, but I knew it was a close fight. Great gameplan, great gameplan."

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman, Nigeria’s Welterweight champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), said he was not thinking of retiring anytime soon in spite of his second loss to Leon Edwards.

Edwards defeated Usman, also called ’the Nigerian Nightmare’  for the second time in a row at UFC 286 on Saturday night in London, England, winning their trilogy series 2-1.

He also ensured the 35-year-old Usman was dethroned as the Welterweight champion and having little chance to get another shot at the title.

But, Usman during a post-fight interview in the cage posted on UFC website, made it clear that he was not planning on retiring anytime soon.

“I think I did enough to win the fight, but I knew it was a close fight. Great gameplan, great gameplan.

“You know, I’ve always said it from the start: I knew I’d see Leon again, and we did it. I’m not done. I’ll see him again, but he put on a hell of a gameplan.

“I’ve always given him props for everything he’s been able to accomplish. He’s a brother, like myself. Much respect. London, you’ve got yourself a hell of a guy, a great champion.

“I’m going to get back with my coaches because I’m one of those guys, I can’t sit for too long, I start getting antsy. I’m going to talk to my coaches.

“I’ll get back, sit back, relax and spend some time with my daughter,” Usman said.

He noted that fighters go through a lot while preparing for their fight just to thrill their fans.

“You get to come here and get entertained by us, but a lot of you guys don’t know what we go through in training camp just to prepare for this, just to get in there and give you guys a show.

“So guys, much respect to the fighters. We put it on the line for you guys each and every time.”

In a follow-up statement on Twitter, Usman vowed to “go back to work.”

“A special thank you to my management, family, friends, and fans.

“I appreciate each and every one of you. Wasn’t my night but as always, we go back to work. Congratulations Leon Edwards great work.”

There are reports before the fight that Usman was suffering from a well-known knee issues along with lingering hand injuries.