NNPCL: Stakeholders hail Kyari’s reappointment, urge full commercialisation

“Kyari will put NNPCL in a competitive position among major National Oil Companies like Aramco and PETROBRAS"

NNPCL: Stakeholders hail Kyari’s reappointment, urge full commercialisation
Malam Mele Kyari, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of National Petroleum Company Ltd. (NNPC) Ltd.

Some stakeholders in the oil and gas industry have hailed the reappointment of Malam Mele Kyari as the head of the National Petroleum Company Ltd. (NNPCL).


They gave the commendation in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos, while calling for the full commercialisation of the company.

BRANDPOWER reports that President Bola Tinubu on Monday reappointed Mele Kyari as the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of the NNPC) Ltd.

Tinubu had also approved the appointment of a new board and management team for NNPCL with effect from Dec. 1.

Dr Omar Ibrahim, Secretary General of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organisation (APPO), described Kyari’s reappointment as “a result of hard work, commitment and efficiency that saw him pushing the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) through.

“Kyari also stabilised the NNPCL; I believe the president took the best decision for the NNPCL and for the country.

“It Kyari was who saw to the realisation of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) after many years in limbo.

“He midwifed the NNPCL. He is still working to stabilise the company,” Ibrahim said.

He also said that Kyari had chosen a team of true professionals who were transforming the industry in Nigeria.

Ibrahim noted that during the last forum of CEOs of APPO-Nigerian Oil Companies (NOCs) in Brazzaville, Nigeria’s transformation of its NOC was a subject of discussion.

He explained that the discussion indicated that the NNPCL had the potential to become an exemplary company comparable to the best in the world.

Ibrahim said he expected that the NNPCL would be transformed into a truly international NOC, expanding its operations across Africa, especially in West Africa and Central Africa.
He said Kyari had the focus and understanding to achieve this.
“I know that Kyari understands this area too well,” he emphasised.
He advised Kyari to remain focused and acknowledged that the task ahead would not be easy.

“I wish him Allah’s guidance as he proceeds. And I pray that those who appointed him will support him to succeed by not making impossible demands on him,” APPO secretary added.

Also, Mr Tunji Oyebanji, the Chief Executive Officer of 11 Plc, expressed confidence in the reappointed NNPCL board, especially with Mele Kyari as the Group Chief Executive Officer.
Oyebanji commended Kyari’s reappointment, noting that with his experience and knowledge in the industry, Kyari would perform well.
According to Oyebanji, one can expect Kyari to focus on fully commercialising NNPCL and positioning it for a successful future.
He said, “Kyari will put NNPCL in a competitive position among major National Oil Companies like Aramco and PETROBRAS.
“He should maintain open communication and interaction with Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream operators. He should also prioritise transparency and fairness in dealings with various stakeholders.”
He emphasised the importance of ensuring that NNPCL’s growth and success do not come at the expense of other players in the industry.
BRANDPOWER reports the NNPCL board consists of Chief Pius Akinyelure, Non-Executive Board Chairman, Kyari as the Group Chief Executive Officer, Alhaji Umar Ajiya, Chief Financial Officer, and Mr Ledum Mitee Non-Executive Director.
Others included Mr Musa Tumsa, Mr Ghali Muhammad, Prof. Mustapha Aliyu, Mr David Ogbodo, and Ms Eunice Thomas as Non-Executive Directors.