New Kary-Go tricycle Launched by Simba



simbaSimba Motors has unveiled the 2014 version of its ‘Kary-Go,’ a light cargo-carrying three-wheeler.

Simba acknowledged that the Kary Go vehicle has enjoyed good patronage from multinational companies that have taken advantage of the three-wheeler offer.

According to a statement released by the firm the 2014 model of the tricycle is available in 200cc and 250cc versions.

It explained further that the cargo three-wheeler or motorised tricycle is used across emerging markets for last-leg distribution, adding that its size and fuel-economy had made it an efficient solution to rural transportation problems.

Mr. Juhail Kapoor, a representative of Simba Motors declared that: “We are delighted to introduce the 2014 version of the Kary-Go to the Nigerian market. The new vehicle has undergone an extensive on-road testing in Nigeria over the last few months, and has been able to deliver greater operating savings to users. We have had a tremendous response from our clients so far.”

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