Nelson Mandela left $4m estate



Nelson Mandela left an estate valued at more than 46 million rand ($4.13m; £2.53m), a public reading of his will has revealed.Executor Justice DikgangMoseneke, summarising what he said was a 40-page document, said he was “not aware of any contest” to the will.

Close personal staff each get 50,000 rand. Schools the former South African president attended are due to receive 100,000 rand.

He left behind an estate that includes an upmarket house in Johannesburg, a modest dwelling in his rural Eastern Cape home province and royalties from book sales, including his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom.He also left 100,000 rand to each of four other educational institutions, for bursaries and scholarships.

The mood of the Mandela family when the will was read was “charged with emotions but it went well,” said the executor, who added that the Mandela family were “well pleased” by his will.

The family trust will receive 1.5m rand, plus royalties.The ANC will also receive some royalties, to be used at the discretion of the party’s executive committee, to spread information about the principles and policies of the ANC, particularly about reconciliation.

There is a 90-day period in which the will can be contested.

credit BBC

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  1. Kevin Pakaye Fyneface says

    What is Amazing to me as a Nigerian is that, a man in the Status of Mandela, a renowned world Brand only had $4.13m estate left for his family and staff with the society. That’s unbelievable to my Nigerian Psyche but, impressive to my Moral Psyche; how that, All Over The World we will learn from it.
    This Man is Sanctimonious!

  2. Na'ason Ado Nuhu says

    Money is not everything people matters in everything

  3. Awonbiowo Luqman says

    why would african leaders stop aqcuire uneccesary wealth?where did got money ? its not public fund? or was he abussnsman?& we contnue idolized this man

  4. Henry Chibuzo Ugwuochi says

    A good man

  5. Orimolade Joseph says

    Gud man

  6. Orimolade Joseph says

    I wil b lyk him

  7. Orimolade Joseph says

    But i wount go to prison

  8. Orimolade Joseph says

    But i wount go to prison

  9. Orimolade Joseph says

    Nd i wil spent more than his age

  10. Zayyana Rafindadi Ahmed says

    Exemplary Leader

  11. Prince Joe says

    Huuunh Nigerian….hunnnnnn

  12. Uchenna Ogbonna says

    He wasn’t dubious, here in 9ja ordinary Lga chairman fit get pass that amount–home of corruption

  13. Isah Umar says

    He was a free corrupt man.

  14. Isah Umar says

    He was a free corrupt man.

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