Luxury Brand Releases First Ever Pink iPhone 6


Luxury brand Alexander Amosu has announced that he will make only 10 of the limited edition for the iphone 6 which will sell for around $2,887.

The London-based designer plans to release the limited edition iPhone 6 in time for Valentine’s Day this year, and a gold  version is also being made. The flashier model will cost around $3,797. Aside from the color of the case, both iphone 6 are exactly the same as the standard $800 model, according to Jonathan O’Callaghan of the Daily Mail.

pink-iphone-6iPhone 6: Pretty in pink

“With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, a lot of gifting items decked out in the color pink have started flooding the markets,” reads a press release. “Luxury brand Amosu, well known for having a penchant for things that are flashy, luxurious and expensive, has introduced the world’s first pink Apple Inc.  iPhone 6.”

As a guy, if you want to make yourself, or partner stand out from the iPhone crowd, Amosu wants to talk to you. Assuming you’ve got relatively deep pockets of course. The prestige of the pink iPhone 6 is that it is thought to be the first in the world, ever, and the price puts it out of reach of all but the most extravagant technology fans.

Strong sales?

Amosu previously released a pink version of the iPhone 5 for Valentine’s Day 2013, and presumably sales were strong given that they are repeating the stunt this time around.

For those of you interested in buying one, you’ll have to be relatively quick off the mark in order to snag one of just 10 which will be produced. I can almost hear the rush of prospective Stateside buyers checking the prices of flights to London in order to bag a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

It must be said that the lack of bright colors has not weakened sales of the standard iPhone, which dominated the U.S. market in the last quarter of 2014, writes Michael Briggs of Design & Trend. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accounted for over half of new phone activations in that period.