Lady banker commits suicide inside staff toilet, leaves note

“The economy is getting harder. “My decisions are wrong. “My mind is messed up", part of the Suicide note read.

Lady banker commits suicide inside staff toilet, leaves note
Amarachi Ugochukwu

A 32-year-old female banker in Lagos State, Amarachi Ugochukwu, has reportedly committed suicide over a slew of challenges including economic hardship.

The female banker was said to have ingested an insecticide brand, sniper, on Monday, January 8, 2024, within the premises of the bank.

The Lagos State Police Command has launched an investigation into the case.

Beside her remains, which was discovered by co-workers, was a suicide note she left for her parents and siblings.

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According to reports, the matter was reported to the police by the manager of Globus Bank, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Robert Hosharma.

The incident was further stated to have occurred on January 8, 2024 and was lodged by Hosharma at about 4pm on the same day.

The bank manager, however, explained that the death of the lady was discovered at about 1pm.

A Police Situation Report stated: “The manager of Globus Bank Ikorodu reported that at about 1:pm on 8th of January 2024, one Amarachi Ugochukwu, 32, a marketing staff of the bank was found dead inside the staff toilet.

“The complainant stated further that the late Amarachi Ugochukwu had left her phone on her table and the phone kept ringing without answer.

“As a result, her colleagues started looking for her. In the course of searching for her, one of the office toilet doors was noticed to have been locked behind and was forcefully opened, behold was her motionless body with an empty medium-sized bottle suspected to have been taken by her and a diary.

“The complainant also said that a medical doctor was immediately called upon, but she was confirmed dead, hence the report. Action and investigation activated. Detectives visited the scene and photographs were taken.

“The  corpse was removed and deposited at Ikorodu General Hospital for autopsy and preservation with the support of her family.”

In a sheet of paper also found beside her, Ugochukwu wrote: “Nothing is working in my life.

“My figures are cold.

“My brain is clogged up.

“The economy is getting harder.

“My decisions are wrong.

“My mind is messed up.

“The future doesn’t seem bright at all, o see extreme hardship I can’t bear the pain anymore.

“I’m sorry mum, I’m sorry dad, I’m sorry Meme, Okwe, Toto, Nazor, Chuchu, Ifunanya.

“Dear Lord have mercy on me!”

The Suicide Note: