KFCThe ad is the first ever brand campaign that KFC has produced for Christmas. The ad is tagged ‘KFC Xmas’ – come together’, it is filmed in the style of a musical, and features a KFC choir, alongside various funny characters who sing about putting  aside their differences over a bucket of KFC chicken.

After the launch of the ad which kicked off on November 30, KFC will commence a campaign on the social media via Twitter, where customers can write about a conflict in their own lives.

The winner will star in a TV ad, which will be aired during ‘The X Factor’ on December 14 and will also feature in the KFC choir singing a specifically written song.

Meg Farren, the marketing director at KFC, said; ‘This Christmas, we not only wanted to do something different but also wanted to stay true to our customers and show what KFC is truly about – bringing people together over a shared great taste- while having fun and encouraging people to join in.

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