Kano State Bans Street Begging



black beggersThe Governor of Kano state Rabi’u Kwankwaso has signed the Street Begging Prohibition Bill 2013 into law last Thursday. Kwankwaso said that the law would, among other things, prohibit child and adult begging in streets, roundabouts, motor parks and corner shops.

He said the prohibition of begging in Kano had become necessary especially because of its negative tendencies and evils associated with it. Kwankwaso said that the state government would train 2,205 people with disabilities in various entrepreneurship skills to cushion the effects of the law.

According to him, all those with qualifications will be given offers to work in the state civil service.”The state government will give N10,000 monthly to those with disabilities that lack the wherewithal to engage in any trade,” the Governor said.