After Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the seventh minute of Real Madrid‘s big match against rivals Atletico on February 11 he put the finishing touch on one of the best football stats ever.

Of the following four stats, three are fake and one is true – can you guess which is the correct answer?

A) Ronaldo became the only man in history to score 100 goals with a side parting that has not moved an inch over the course of a four-year period.

B) Ronaldo reached 150 successive goals for Real Madrid in which he attempted to celebrate on his own, without the help of team-mates.

C) Ronaldo, in scoring for the first time in the seventh minute of a match, has now managed to notch a goal in every minute of a game over the course of his career.

D) Ronaldo scored his 50th goal while having a ferret shoved down his shorts, becoming the first ever player to achieve such a feat.

The answer? Well, we really hope you got this one right. It was the letter that comes first in his first name, Cristiano.

So there you have it. Ronaldo has now scored a goal in every minute of a football match throughout his illustrious and astonishing career.

We just don’t know how he will top that. This does at least justify an extra wing being put on Ronaldo’s ‘Cristiano Ronaldo museum’ to mark the feat.


Courtesy: Eurosport