How Nigerians benefit from Canadian Start-Up Visa programme

Canadian Start-Up Visa programme

Mobility Options, a global immigration consultancy firm, has urged Nigerian entrepreneurs to take advantage and benefit from the Canadian Start-Up Visa programme to improve their businesses.

President, Mobility Options, Mrs Ebi Obaro, said this in a statement signed by Mrs Tukeni Obasi, Vice President, Diaspora, Mobility Options, on Saturday in Lagos.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Canadian Government’s Start-Up Visa Programme offers a unique opportunity for talented entrepreneurs around the world to establish their innovative businesses in Canada.
According to Obaro, the programme presents a lifeline for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their innovative startups on the stable foundation presented by Canada.
She stated that Canada’s economy experienced one of the fastest recoveries among advanced economies after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
She added that the country, in a bid to address a major labour shortage, announced intentions to drastically expand the number of immigrants with a goal of 500,000 arriving each year by 2025.
“The programme presents a lifeline for Nigerian entrepreneurs seeking to build their companies on a stable and welcoming foundation given the current political climate in Nigeria.
“Only 46 countries currently grant Nigerian citizens visa-free or visa-on-arrival access, as opposed to 188 countries, including the Schengen and EU nations, the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong, for holders of Canadian passports.
“The Canadian Start-Up Visa Programme allows foreign entrepreneurs to create innovative businesses in Canada and apply for permanent residency.
“With its leading trade market, the programme aims to provide permanent residence to entrepreneurs, active company investors, and expanding businesses that seek to establish a presence in Canada.
Obaro added that Mobility Options would continue to provide services for high-net-worth individuals who desired speedy travel processes for trade, business and personal needs without the laborious processes of travelling.
Obasi, Mobility Options VP, added that the programme aimed to provide permanent residence to entrepreneurs, active company investors, and expanding businesses that sought to establish a presence in Canada.
She said that to get permanent residency in Canada, foreign entrepreneurs must submit an innovative, scaling start-up business that had been accepted by one of the specified organisations – business incubators, angel investors, or venture capitalists.
“Once approved, the client receives a letter of support, allowing them and their family to apply for permanent residency.
“Canadian citizens enjoy a high standard of living in multicultural, easy-going, and vibrant cities.
“It is an excellent place to do business, with access to the entire North American market.
“To learn more about mobility options and its citizenship by investment programs, please visit,” she said.
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