FAKE CERTIFICATES: Ebonyi College Sacks 15 Lecturers


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The Ebonyi College of Education, Ikwo, on Tuesday sacked 15 lecturers for allegedly possessing forged certificates.

Mr Bertrand Nkwuda, the college’s Public Relations Officer, told a news conference in Ikwo that the action was taken by the institution after thorough investigation.

Nkwuda said the alleged scandal was brought to the notice of the management in 2013, prompting the inauguration of a panel of enquiry.

“This matter was reported in 2013, and the management followed it up by constituting a panel to look into it.

“Because certificate forgery is a very serious crime, thorough investigation was carried out to ascertain the veracity of the allegation.

“After a long and painstaking investigation, the suspects were unable to prove their innocence beyond all reasonable doubt, hence the decision to dismiss them,” Nkwuda said.

He said the affected lecturers were earlier downgraded to clerical staff while awaiting the outcome of the panel’s investigations.

The spokesman expressed the commitment of the institution to the promotion of academic discipline and excellence.

“The college is committed to promoting qualitative and functional teacher-education.

“We cannot tolerate teachers with fake or forged certificates in our college, neither will the institution admit students who are not qualified into the college,” he said.

He alleged that the lecturers had forged masters and doctorate certificates.

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