I feel terribly cheated and taken for granted as a tax-paying Nigerian citizen. In our country today we have a long list of political failures and vampires. Yes they are vampires because what most of our leaders do is suck out the dwindling blood in the nation’s body. What our leaders do is like a patient who visits a doctor to cure a headache but by the time the doctor is through with the patient he ends up with a fast debilitating cancer.

There is nowhere else that exposes our leaders’ ineptitude and failure than in the electricity sector. From Obasanjo, to Yar’ Adua and now Goodluck Jonathan, what we get is talk, talk and more talk. I was very irritated today when I read in the papers that President Jonathan has given a deadline to the new private operators to ensure that power improves by June. I live in a part of Lagos where there has been no power supply for 3 whole months but our bills have been coming regularly. It was the same President and his Ministers who two years ago swore that power will be stable by October of 2013. 3 months after what we get is total darkness.

What obtains in my area is replicated all over Nigeria. Nigerians are suffering severely in abject silence. I wish to use this platform to ask Nigerians how do we get our leaders to be accountable for the dismal performance of President Jonathan and his ministers over the pains they are causing the Nigerian citizens, the economy, our health and well-being and our progress through their failure to supply power after so much money and posturing over the years.. Somebody should be made to pay for our sufferings and since our President has not indicted or sacked any one for the failure, he should be held liable. My question is how do we do it?

Joseph Lukmon

Agiliti, Lagos