Dele Giwa; Remembering An Inimitable Brand


Image of Dele GiwaIt was an event that sent shock ripples across the Country and reverberated around the world. On that ill-fated Sunday morning 27 years ago on October 19, 1986, a journalist of the finest breed and craft was gruesomely extinguished via a parcel bomb. Questions have been repeatedly asked, fingers pointed, muted accusations made, yet decades after a crime so heinous in execution that it would shock the present era that is rocked with terrorism, and so expert and meticulous in execution not normally seen, no culprit has been brought to book to answer for the crime. As much as that was the case, it remains a huge blotch on the criminal justice syatem, casting a pall of doubt over its efficiency.

The State at that time, however, did nothing to assuage the rumours swirling across the land that it had a hand in the demise of the ace journalist. No matter the theories propounded by conspiracy theorists as to the motive of his killers, the fact remains that the fearless journalist had access to some damning information which his killers (whoever they were) feared he would divulge in his highly influential media platform, Newswatch.

Purists of the writing craft maintain that robust journalism died with the man on that fateful day in 1986. Giwa was fearless, as he was a brilliant journalist. He was a man to whom integrity was second nature. He managed to build Newswatch magazine into a top notch publication whose readers were left drooling at the quality of journalism they were served in every edition of the magazine. As the conspiracy theories continue to rage, the crime would remain classified in the archives of whodunit with cases like the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy as one that has remained insolvable.

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