De-Branding Of CAR Continues as Interim President Resigns


CAR Interim President

Central Africa Republic interim President, Michel Djotodia has resigned. The land-locked Central African country has been embroiled in a bitter civil strife that has left the country’s polity in disarray and scores of both nationals and and scores foreign nationals killed in the sectarian strife.

The resignation was announced in a statement by the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). Djotodia’s Prime Minister, Nicola Tiengaye has also resigned.

The President who has been under a lot of pressure had no option than to resign after it became evident that he could not stem the tide of crisis which has since held the country by the jugular.

Djotodia, a former rebel leader, became president following the March 2013 coup which saw thousands of his supporters storm the capital. Opposition leader Tiangaye was named Prime Minister.

This comes after members of the National Transitional Council in CAR were flown into Chad to decide the leadership of the country.


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