If news reaching BRANDPOWER that Chinedu, the son of the Governor of Abia state, Chief Theodore Orji has been involved in the alleged shooting to death of a boy in Umuahia is correct, it will be the climax of several misdemeanors that have been ascribed to the young man.

Chinedu Orji has reportedly been a thorn in the flesh of citizens of Abia state as he has carried on as if he is an alternate Governor to his father. Part of his routine is that he finds it beneath himself to shop while other Abians are in the same shop. The standard procedure is that every other shopper must be evacuated while others are prevented from entering until this majestic son is through with his shopping.

This brash and intimidating behavior is not however peculiar to Abia State. The trend in Nigeria has been that once a Nigerian is steps into high office, his wife, children and even siblings assume the status of alternates to whatever office their benefactor occupies. They harass directors and civil servants for favours and contracts and literally ride rough-shod over anyone that dares to get in their way. While all this happens the incumbent of the high office looks the other way.

If the shooting story is confirmed, it may just be a wake-up call for political leaders and Nigerians to put a stop to this nonsense.


  1. Is this kind of aberrant behavior due to poor upbringing?
  2. Should Policemen attached to such relatives of high office holders not advise their principals on appropriate conduct?
  3. Will a policeman shoot his brother or wife if the son of a governor asks him to do so?
  4. Who really are we to blame for this decadence in values?